In Our Prime is three Improvisers looking to you for suggestions. From your input, we will find huge, mundane or tiny characters that will make you guffaw, giggle or just groan. Sometimes we do all three! We explore relationships that are real or absurd, silly or heartwarming. We can do it all from just your suggestions. We can explore relationships as old as time with solid and real characters often unique yet everyday. Or we'll discover a world so absurd and ludicrous you will wonder how we found our way there. Using the tools of Improvisation, theater and acting, IOP will find a show to challenge your expectations and often ours too. 

From the original grounded storytelling they are so well known for, IOP can also play their patented Curve Ball Format, same great narrative but from an absurd event or location. Or if you want more options how about a montage of disconnected scenes? We do that. Or a mix of the two with an opening montage then you, the audience picks a scene to open the narrative we tell? 

No matter the format, In Our Prime will tell you a tale you have never heard always leaving our audience asking, "What happened ever since that day?"


In Our Prime believes you do not need to sacrifice story to make enjoyable Improv. In Our Prime trusts that just by looking in through the fourth wall the audience will find the fun and the funny. They have consistently found that characters with life-like emotional reactions and relatable relationships create riveting realities, be they funny, horrific or heartbreaking.  Sometimes our shows do all three.  Multiple feelings in just one show.

Troupe History:

Paul and Gloria start taking classes at the Hideout in 2010.  Paul, Gloria, and Ryan take a Hideout elective class in 2011.  Paul asks Gloria and Ryan to form a troupe.  The threesome does their first rehearsal and the first scene start becomes a 40 minute narrative.  They try another scene start that becomes another full 35 minute story!

In Our Prime has a blast telling dramatic stories with three players.  Jessica says she would like to play too.  IOP unanimously goes from a threesome to a foursome in April of 2012! But things change and Jessica leaves the troupe in March of 2015. We love and miss her. 

IOP performed our first show on March 1, 2012. As of August 14, 2015, IOP has performed in over 60 shows across the United States. 

Festival Selections:

IOP has been selected to perform in the following festivals:

  • Improv Festival Oklahoma 4 - 8
  • Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival 2012 - 14
  • WaffleFest 2012 - 14
  • Improvaganza Hawaii 2012
  • FronteraFest 2013 - 14
  • The Improvised Play Festival 2013 - 14
  • Distric Improv Festival 2013
  • Unscripted New York 2014
  • Big Sexy Dallas 2016